Vision Health Check From The Movies?

You probably didn’t know that watching a 3-D movie could be an important indicator of underlying vision issues.  The American Optometry Association (AOA) reports that 3-D movies have the ability to identify vision problems that could otherwise not be noticed because the technology of a 3-D movie allows viewers to process the information in a completely different way.

So what are these indicators?  According to Your Houston News, there are three things that can help you find out if you could have an underlying vision issue.


Having the ability to understand the depth perception of 3-D is one of the most enjoyable aspects of watching the film.  If you struggle to see the depth provided by 3-D films it may mean something is wrong.


If the 3-D images are starting to drive you bonkers and make your head spin, this could mean that your eyes are poorly aligned and you may fell queasy or sick because of it.


Having discomfort in your eyes could mean that your eyes are strained to the point where they can’t work together to process the information appropriately.

All of these symptoms can be handled and identified through a comprehensive eye exam with your eye doctor.  If you are having any of these symptoms be sure to schedule an appointment right away.  This eye exam can do more for you then just identify symptoms.  It can also help detect eye diseases and can help the rest of your body out as well.  Eye doctors are great at identifying systematic health conditions that are necessarily associated with the eyes like diabetes, elevated cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and Crohn’s disease.  In fact, UnitedHealthcare found that 6 percent of chronic conditions were identified by eye doctors first and for specific cases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis, eye doctors identified these diseases first 15 percent of the time.

There are over 10 3-D movies coming out this summer so if you check one out make sure you are paying attention to how your eyes are reacting.

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